Services available on CAPF eAwas –

  • I.) Registration of application (online) for allotment of quarters/SFAs.
  • II.) Retention of Accommodation.
  • III.) Regularization of Accommodation.
  • IV.) Allotment of accommodation on temporary basis (for marriage purpose, etc.).
  • V.) Clearance / No Demand Certificate.
  • VI.) Action taken against subletting.


The accommodation is allotted as per the eligibility of the applicant. The eligibility is affected by multiple factors like –

  • I) Date of joining Government Service.
  • II) Date of promotion.
  • III) Pay level.
  • IV) Eligible pool .
  • V) Eligibility in the respective pool of Quarters (General, Separated Family Accommodation, etc).


Modalities of allotment of quarters

I) Respective Head of Office of each of the establishments of CAPF administers the booking of quarters/SFAs which are maintained by respective forces.

II) All forces have quarters/SFAs which have various types of rooms to cater to the different classes of force personnel, who are often transferred from one location of the country to another or move on temporary duty for specific tasks to different locations across the country.

III) All the bookings and payments in respect of quarters/SFAs allocated are done online through the CAPF eAwas portal.

IV) The bookings are done on ‘first-come, first-serve’ basis subject to fulfilment of prescribed eligibility, time-limit and payment of booking charges, etc.